Character Colors... like the Major and Minor color selection scheme ala BG1/BG2

I am seriously missing the option to change the trim colors of clothing/armor from a character menu. Since we spend so much time just viewing the back of CHARNAME's head anyway, I'd say this is probably the most expedient way to give us some kind of control over "the look" of our PCs. Not that we don't need more heads, cause of course more heads is best. But I think character colors would definitely help and be much simpler to execute.

If I can't import a portrait, design a unique 3D face, or change the look of the avatar beyond whatever the stock armor models can provide, then it just doesn't feel like I really have much control at all over my character's aesthetic or visual vibe. Like I'm glad that we spend so much time on our hair, but honestly a trim color wheel does a lot of the heavy lifting for creating a basic look on the fly. Its absence makes me sad, so just had to post it to the big thread in case we can still get it in here.

A color picker provides at least as much gameplay value as a couple dozen rotoscoped heads or additional armor sets. It's a simple concept but has a big return in replay value. It goes a little beyond Character Creation, since this was one of the few visual things we could actually change at any point in BG. Not to put too fine a point on it but how many photoshopped BG portraits must exist out there, just trying to change the color of Edwin's robe? lol. This is something everyone should get behind hehe

ps. Mini Map

Also didn't see that mentioned here yet, but its been kicked around in a couple threads. Right now character/party orientation can be hard to quickly parse from the mini map.

The icons meant to show which direction a character is facing are currently planchette shaped, but a simple arrow would read better I think, especially when the mini is zoomed out.

When I searched the topic I saw others asking for a compass that is easier to read, or for more interaction like movement commands issued from the mini map.
I've toggled between the "rotate mini map" and the "no rotate" and can't decide which I prefer as a default. Anyhow its a core feature that could go under the List III User Interface heading. I'd like some freedom to move the UI elements around

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