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So if you play BG3 like it's PnP D&D, you'll have a hard time with fights.

Use DOS:2 playstyle and it's much easier.

c puts you into hide. When out of sight, c puts everyone into stealth and does not seem to need a roll for it.

sneak up, making sure everyone have a range attack.

attack from range first while hiding, you'll be attacking with advantage and will get a surprise round.

always try to c before you attack, what I did for ID fight was after attack, fall back so the ID could never close with me and most times could hide before attacking.

other thing you have to remember is being above your target give you advantage so always go for the high ground.

Use the surface effects to your advantage, they can do more damage then the spells and are small AOEs.

using DOS:2 playstyle, I got through the ID fight on my second playthrough without taking a point of damage.

It's a shame they balanced this game around expecting you to play it like DOS:2

I play a lot of P&P D&D (and I DM more than play as a character), I think the engine and gameplay are fine. You can interact with environments (which you can do in PNP/Theater of the Mind), most of the rules have ported over pretty seamlessly so far (the biggest exception being that Mage Hand is for some reason a Concentration Spell now that I've seen).

Also kiting and using the environment aren't just a D.O.S. thing (I've actually never played the Divinity games), most P&P games encourage this kind of thinking about your environment.

So far this has been the single best representation of D&D I've seen in a computer game, so I'm not sure what the fuss you're on about is.

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