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This thread is why Larian desperately need to revise and expand the character gen as soon as possible.

You're entering Pastiche levels of crappy PC design here.

Fire it up: 10,000 almost identical drow Mary Sues, hit it.

Why do you want everybody to hate you? Why are you afraid of being loved? Who hurt you?

It's true.

Current char-gen is a crappy selection of pre-made faces and no sliders.

It's deeply crap.

If you can't admit that, go to Zhentarium enclave and check out the faces there: Literally play-do "my first RPG" starter pack in char gen pre-sets at the moment,

And of course they all made Drow + silver/purple hair if they didn't go with "comedy" hair color / tattoo / Jokefied look.


Predictable. Literally zero percent inspiration in this thread, depressing as the Nine Hells.

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