Currently there are several weird things going in with rogues:

1- The sneak attack: shouldnt be an action, but a toggle, so it can also work from offhand attacks.

2- Senak attack + other damage sources: damage sources like the +1d8 from shortsword of First blood aren't being properly added to de damage roll.

3- Too many offhand attacks: It should be only followed by the main hand attack, not something you can do every time a bonus action is available, probabbly by adding a toggle as well.

4- Offhand attack dex bonus: the offhand attack shouldnt be getting the bonus from dex (or str depending on which is higher) to damage.

I don't know if those were done on porpouse mostly or are bugs, but are definitly unbalanced, as a lvl 3 rogue with thief subclass can attack as many times as a 2 handed lvl 5 fighter, while adding it's ability modifier bonus to all attacks, and being able to move between attacks at will, which completly unbalanced the class imo, and most importantly, undermines it's main feature, the sneak attack, as you can only go for it once, if you miss only next turn, so your most reliable damage becomes crazy offhand span instead of the core class feature.

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