From their statement about how they want to stay faithful to DND 5e, the resting mechanic is not even close.
1. Being able to long rest anytime and anywhere negate the concept of spell slot, resources management.
2. Shoving as a bonus action is too strong, and shoving anything is nut. My weak medium creature should not be able to shove a giant robot off a tower. Even if his chance is low it does happen often. How does a low strength char shove a thousands pound creature through the air 4.5M??? what?
3. Everyone having disengage as a bonus action is not like 5e... this nerf attack of opportunity especially for melee class when everyone can hop out of the way without provoking attack of opportunity.
4. The ground affect is way too much damg. I like it, but right now a cantrip (fire bolt) can do so much damg even if it miss!!! In 5e if it miss, then it misses, but in this it's a guaranteed damg because it will set the target on fire and cause damg when they move through it....
5. Pickpocket is OP right now. I can pickpocket people and if I fail the DC does not go up and I can just keep doing it? The NPC does not retaliate?
There is so much more i can go into, but I feel like the MAIN CORE MECHANIC of DnD 5e is not being honor right now.

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