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Nothing you quoted invalidates my point. PHB doesn't say it's not flammable, it has historically been flammable, and people don't follow/agree with Sage Advice. Simple as that. It's not a BG3/PHB difference, it's a BG3/Sage Advice difference.

Plus, if we followed the Sage Advice reasoning, there are a TON of things players and DMs pull that are "against the rules" because he's taking a 'only things clearly defined are allowed' stance in this instance when it's not taken in any other instance. Can a player recover caltrops? The PHB doesn't say they're "recoverable" so the Sage Advice logic says no but a practical application would be that of course a player could spend 5-10 minutes picking them up.

I changed my text to leave Grease more open ended. I'm going to test the spell soon, as it might just be that much more of a utility thing being flammable. Either way, this list of differences isn't to poo poo devs or to champion Rules Lawyers...it's just to give people a guide to things that might not be what they expect, and if something really sucks, we'll be honest about it.

I really appreciate you speaking up about Grease though, I've never seen anyone use it in a P&P game as flammable, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a better spell for it.

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