Companion Issues
- Didn't recruit Wyll at the grove (not intentional, just didn't see him) before clearing the goblin camp. After clearing it he appeared in my camp anyway and his dialogue played like I had already recruited him.
- Cannot talk to Shadowheart anymore, she became unresponsive after the event at camp where she's trying to open the artifact.
- Sometimes after removing Lae'zel from the party she can no longer be interacted with at all

Also had issues with the "Meet the Duke" quest
- Quest doesn't update to reflect saving Florrick, and you can't interact with her as she leaves. The initial dialogue with her is also entirely one-sided, not sure if that's intentional. (Also, not really a bug, more like a graphical error: the "reverse shots" during the conversation that are supposed to show the player character are completely obscured by environmental objects.)
- Issues with pathing/collision when going through the left building up to Merileth's (spelling?) body.
- When breaking down the door closest to Benryn, sometimes characters could walk through, sometimes they couldn't.

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