Some button (tab, ctrl, shift, just something) that allows interactive objects to highlight. Whether or not I see something that can be opened or picked up should be based on the player's and party's perception, not my ability/amount of time I spend trying to find every object.
On a similar note adding something indicating what is noticed in a successful perception check as there have been many times I have succeeded in one and have no idea what my character or party member saw.

Short rests should not be limited to 1x a day. It should be unlimited as long as you're in a safe location, simply have the player choose the number of hit dice each character rolls to recover hit points with a limit of hit dice to level per long rest.
I have also noticed that my characters who are in camp but not in my current party don't seem to heal during my long rests, that might become irrelevant later in the game from some rumors I've heard that may or may not be true, but they should all heal anyway.

Also, I think having the actual hit die listed for each class and rolling hit points at level up with the other modifiers (CON modifier and the dwarven racial trait) being listed as well as the die roll (on screen would be exciting) to the change in HP.

Leveling the rogue it seemed that he was not given expertise? My high DEX Ranger with proficiency in theives tools seems equally capable of handling lock picks as Mr. Pale face is.

Finally, when leaving camp thus far I have had to leave with each member individually then group them as it is not allowing me to group all 4 characters then leave at once