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01. Mage Hand requires Concentration(it does NOT in the PHB), but it can also now shove/interact with enemies (which it couldn't do in the P&P version). ~ (So buffed and balanced against said buff?)

02. Firebolt is now 1D6 + A chance to catch fire instead of 1D10 (Might be considered a slight Buff).

03. Ray Of Frost now creates an ice surface that can knock enemies prone (Buffed)

04. Acid Splash has been changed to an AOE attack that reduces AC by 2 (a considerable buff).

To be perfectly honest the list could end here and the system would still be insanely divergent from 5E. Entries in the Cantrip class of Actions were thoroughly playtested and their specific designs are integral to the balance across all Action +hit and +dmg modifiers in 5E. Cantrips are considered overpowered by a majority of the playerbase even without these additions as they increase the presence of caster classes even before they traditionally overtake martial classes with the insane utility of 4th level and higher spells.