Inventory management - I like the Wares options, but like others mentioned, there needs to be a button "sell all wares"... also some kind of auto-sort option for the inventory, I have big gaps all over the place but cba reorder it all the time

Story items - please make a category for story items. Dont mix them together with other stuff too

Tooltips - this is SO important. On everything, really, I have a bunch of apples, beers, cheese, rum etc. sitting in my inventory and no good way of figuring out what they do. There are so many consumables and I dont feel like jsut trying it out (and writing it down, because I am going to forget, there jsut are too many...)
Not to mention all tooltips could use some love and there should be more tooltips for game mechanics too. It might be early release now, but when it goes full, I am certain that most players will ahve absolutely no experience with DnD, let alone 5e specifically.