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5.2. Apply Hex (and all other abilities that can target different stats) needs some visual cue what kind of stat you actually lower. system as is, is not intuitive because I see the Apply Hex icon and then i see it five times more without any visual differences between the targeted stats

6. Issue: Where is my XP-bar? Am I blind or isn't there any?

6 was previously answered.

5.2 if you scroll over them each one will tell you which stat it affects.

Yeah, I know. What I meant was for a clear instant visual cue/little icon on the ability icon (like a little strong arm for strength) for which stat it targets. In the meantime, I have learned where which stat is located but I still think a little additional icon would help and make it more intuitive.

XP-bar: I was blind but now I can see laugh Still, the character's XP bar above or below the hot bar wouldn't hurt, I think.

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