Firebolt cantrip: Should light target on fire and or any oil or flammable. It should not however leave a surface effect. (Unless maybe feated)

AI: Should not always bypass high AC targets. Its just too predictable.

Surface effects from spells and items: Need duration fix and saving throws for acid and fire.

Natural surface effects: Should always hit.

EXP: Non-combat related options should be rewarded equal or greater xp.

Shove: Distance reduced perhaps halved. (Unless helped from items, abilities or spells)

Short rest: Should have 2 of these.

Obvious bug fixes ie Devils Sight

Concentration: saves for not being interrupted (just would work better in a digital format)

Darkness and other duration spells in combat: Duration has no place in turn based combat. It has to be based on a number of turns.

Hide: should be an action for all classes but rogue. Rogue should be bonus action.

Loving the EA and am very excited for the potential of the full game.