idk, I'm kind of a fan of the "BG3-don't-feel-BG" I understand the need for a game to change to stay relevant and there are some changes I'm actually glad are being made, for instance I am a fan not having RtwP. (I would pause so much it wouldn't matter) so I'm glad that change is being made. Only feel like if they made just a couple of these changes the complaints from OGBG fan boys would shrink down. (and if it was my way there would be more XD!!)

Again just my opinions on why it doesn't "feel" like the OGBG ( I still love the game cant get enough!.. just give me a bigger party XD)

1 - Visual - I think a lot of it stems from the visual similarities BG3 has to DOS. the game looks and kinda feels a lot like DOS with D&D concepts thrown in there. Don't get me wrong, I thank is visually beautiful but you cant deny some times it feels like we are playing a DOS game.

2 - big party - the main complaint of OGBG fan boy's (my self included) both BG games have had a party cap of 6. this offered maximum party diversity in the game. I don't see us getting that type of diversity play out of a party size of 4. Pulse if the first 2 games had a cap of 6 why wouldn't the 3rd?

3 - no weapons from past games - A small but understandable complaint. I mean would it kill them to put some of the OG items in there?

4 - Party Members - ( I under stand its EA and we might get more) the lack of party members. only like 5 to pick from? but I can only bring 3? what if I want 3 pally's two theif's and one ranger. that's one thing that was unique about OGBG