List I: important

0 Check's difficulty in dialogs should be writen before you select option, players wil save load anyway, but it will save some time.
1 Character creation: choose at start weapon and armor,
or/and make a traders with all types of weapon and armor of normal quality at first location (smith) and higher quality in late locations or levels.
2 Let the player see companion’s proficiency on character's sheet (in dialog too)
3 Surfaces: fire not always works correctly, it should lightened enemies «in shadows» not always works correctly. Now it, sometimes, spreads and disappears without system.
4 Problem: Some Items “on the floor” are not showing with button alt.
5 Should be spell-panel like in “Neverwinter Nights 2” to see all prep. spells, sorted by lvl (it is EXTREMELY comfortable) : you press button it appears, then press button – it disappears.
6 Should be posibility to customize companion (choose proficiencies, cantrips...., may be during first meeting or in camp)
7 I think that should be 1 button to Search all the containers in the area (all the room may be, or radius) and then choose what to take(with filters and big window)
8 Ranged sneak attack do not work sometimes.
9 Turn-based/Real Time with Pause: Turn-based is nice, just need to be polished
10 «Cantrips shouldn't create surfaces, there are higher spells that do things like that» - why not, just small ones
11 I don’t think that there are too many scrolls.(it can be sold by traders, players who want it will buy it)

D&D rulebook
• Dice rolls: I think there should be option in settings for “easy” dialog rolls, some players wants to pass dialog checks without save – loads.
• I think that athletics(for strength based characters) or acrobatics(dexterity based characters) should be used for the same save-rolls depending on higher attribute(or modifier). It is described in rulebook for “knock down”.
• Spell preparation is ok, as for story mode.

user interface

• Inventory: useless items should be in “trash”/"on sold" group and shoud be possibility to sell it automatically by 1 button.
• Should be a filter in camp-storage, big window(full screen: half-screen for character inv. half for srorage).
• It seems that Attack Advantage-Disadvantage panel is too small and not fit all the unfo (it should be auto-sized)
• Let the player see companion’s proficiency
• Let the player see companion’s inventory even if they are not in group (in camp for example)
• Battle log should always show last logs, more description, sneak attack (and other types of additional damage) should be marked


• I think that engaged characters should have possibility to disengage, but not to jump over the enemy.(i saw jump problem in list, i wrote proposition)
• Should be Possibility to grab and throw enemies in any direction.
• What is waypoints??? There should be some lore/description/quest to use.
• Half plate Armor(standart) for Laezel has no underwear (it is ok for JRPG, but BG3 isn’t JRPG I think), no one wear armor without underwear (it could be painful).
• Short “scale male” leg armor for female characters (need to pay smith to make it normal=))
• Drowish studded leather looks awful (do not look as well made armor of professional killer, more brutality is needed)
• problems with armour/weapons textures(ears go throuth helmet=) ) helmets and shields have most problems.(and spiderstep boots)
• why characters do not wear weapons on belt, even in sheath? (even two-handed)
• two - handed weapons are too big. (looks funny =) it should be thiner to be earnestly as for me)
• Any class can use a scroll – I think it is ok, I do not use in at all =) but why not (may be it should be optional)

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