+1 Fully agree on that.

A thing nobody pointed out is what happens when you need to have the whole party jump. First one jumps, ok, second one jumps and first one goes nearby even if there is fire or vines; you move them away, have the third jump and first two come near, crossing again the vines. Going out from Zorru house in groove was a real pain, not to speak of the window of the burning house where you find the wife of the guy you saved in the inn.

Someone mentioned DAO, but i dont remember having problems moving the party there, or at least having that many problems.

+1 also mentioning that you cannot cast a spell to a party member using the icons; it's out of range ok tell me that, but having to mouseover everyone to cast an healing spell because the icon shows he's wounded is annoying, and in all similar games i played you can cast to the icon