I think I might have said this earlier in the thread, so apologies in advance if I am repeating myself, but, for me it boils down to cinematics.

RTwP for the most part gave this impression of a fight happening, with sword clashes and spells and so forth and for al of the easy battles or those of a balanced nature it was fine. For anything difficult it descended into an absolute slideshow of constant pauses and reactions to hits with heals etc... It's horrible.

Turn Based get's round that and introduces more options, more intracacies (sneaking into positions, pushing, etc...), but it is cinematically bland by comparison and unnecessarily slow in easier fights. It's like chess, move and hit. Yes you can have the odd flashy effect, but the opponent just stands there and takes it. I have always wondered whether it isn't possible to add more animations when characters are in melee combat (but it isn't their turns), clash of swords, shields, taunts from archers high up. Disengage animations if you move a character out of melee and so forth. There is a risk of slowing down combat with extra fluff, let alone the programming issue, but it's my two pennies worth on what often bores me with TB, especially if a fight drags.

The issue I guess for me is I like both sytems, it would be great if I could RTwP and "slow time" for intracate moves, lke sneaking behind opponents, moving in for a push, etc... But sometimes you just really need the TB for larger complex fights.

In short I am fine if they HAVE to stick to one vs the other with it being TB, but then I would like more visuals and fewer static characters awaiting their turns and only visually reacting to hits (If I miss can the opponent not visually dodge or block, parry, lucky armour deflection?!)
But as someone who has enjoyed RTwP in the past, I am certainly not against Larian implementing it for those who only wish to play this way. IF POSSIBLE. Choice is good.

As it isn't critical to my purchase decision, I have perhaps fewer stakes in this argument than others and I would prefer priorities to lay elsewhere, but that's just a personal opinion of a vault dweller. laugh

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