49 hours played, crashes, reported bugs, all normal for EA ... but there are some design/game mechanics decisions I don't think are D&D (and quite a few are already mentioned in this thread but I think are worth reiterating):

- general lack in depth of information, missing an option to get verbose (PHB like) info on races, classes, backgrounds, spells, monsters, Faerun etc.
- party size, 4 is too small
- some spells and abilities are not D&D 5e
- cantrips should not have ground effects
- not every class should be able to easily disengage with a jump, infact jump and disengage have nothing to do with each other
- scrolls should only be useable as per D&D 5e ... Wizards can't heal!
- Ability checks need to have the modifier shown and added/subtracted after the roll ... a natural 1 should always be a fail
- multiple ability checks in a row in the same situation/dialogue, thats horrible DM'ing
- dialogue should allow for switching to another party member

Don't get me wrong Larian team, I like what you are doing ... but the D&D flair and immersion is missing a bit at the moment, I hope the final product will be closer to D&D 5e.