Feedback so far after 20h gaming:

- Even though I play on 4k I often loose oversight cause of various interfaces are scattered all over the screen
- separate short cut list for spells and items
- have a smaller/ more compact overview of fighting order after initiative and just skip a NPC/PC if it dies, not reloading all pictures of remaining fighters
- please let us have a console or an easy and fast way to activate/deactivate at any time
- make searching for traps an active ability
- make containers don't pop up right in the middle of the screen instead give us a bar like interface on the screen edge
- make containers close itself if you click somewhere else (for instance the next container)
- give us an option to make hit-points invisible (I instantly new that this old grany in the druid camp has something to hide and is a future enemy encounter after I saw her 112 hitpoints)
- please don't disconnect inventory from the overview of the items worn by the PC- right now it is very confusing to put on items to you PCs
- have a clear character sheet where all the mods (bonuses/penalties), skills and abillities are shown (like in the good old BG 1&2) and explained
- give an info if a weapon can be used with 2 weapon fighting style or not

- stick to the rules of DnD 5e (you have advertised this game especially with that feature)
- please cancel creatures/enemy npc with overpowered stats (like a level 4 phase spider matriarch with 124 hit-points - I don't think that there is any enemy NPC in DnD rules with d31 hit dice, especially no spider)
- keep in mind ranges from ranged attacks do differ widely, like short bow vs. cross bow vs. spitting spider attack
- same for close combat weapons - a dagger has a shorter range than a long sword or a two-handed sword etc.
- let us have ammunition - if you don't have any arrows/bolts left you cant shoot as the enemy can't either

My taste/opinion:
- give us more party member slots, as this gives us the possibility to have various PC constellations => give more or less enemies in case of more or less party members
- please put the avatar list (character pictures) to the right hand side of the screen => would give an instant Baldurs Gate feeling

That's all from my side till now. I will add if I find more.