I think the main reason for "it does not feel like baldurs gate" is not the branding and the story.
Right now the game is just excessivly far away from DnD5e. Baldurs Gate is a name of the DnD franchise. People expect to play a PC DnD adaptation. Right now that is not it. The "divinity-ish" elements are so present, that you are less working with DnD mechanics and more working with divinity mechanics. Thats why people call it divinity 3.

I played BG1 and 2 hundreds of hours as well as DOS2. I enjoyed both styles very much. And this game just feels more like DOS2, because its - arguably unnecessarily - far away from DnD.
The story is pretty damn promising to me, i like the setting, i like the chars. But its just not a DnD PC game right now. The most used and prominent game mechanics, especially in combat, are not DnD. Larian did bent or flat out break the DnD ruleset very very much to make the divinity style elements (such as all the explosives, surface effects, elemental ammunition, throwables) most prominent.
I think its a very fair point to say that this game is basicly DOS3 in a faerun setting and not BG3 with a "larian touch".

Baldurs Gate and DnD belong to each other. Its one Franchise. If you take the "Baldurs Gate" but drop the DnD, it is not really Baldurs Gate anymore.

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