A few relatively minor, racial changes:
  • Halflings don't seem to get Halfling Nimbleness (though that is because it probably isn't too relevant in the CRPG)
  • Lightfoot Halflings now get Stealth proficiency rather than Advantage when hiding behind larger creatures.
  • The Half-Elf optional subraces have entirely replaced the PHB Half-elf (who got 2 free-choice skill proficiencies instead of Mark of the wild or the High-Elf Cantrip).
  • Similarly Drow are an Elven subrace (and to be honest I can't see any good reason why they have decided to change that - Both Seldarine Drow and Lolth-Sworn appear to be identical so it can't be just so that they could have separate Drow subraces).
  • Human's are accurate as far as I can tell, but are missing the Human variant option. I don't think I have actually seen anyone use the standard PHB Human in game (it's not banned or anything, just not used).