Hello to all,

I think there's a big misunderstanding about what baldur's gate basically is.

I already want to say that I'm a big fan of the saga, baldur's gate was my first RPG and one of my first games.
I played icewinder dale, pillar of eternity, neverwinter night, the first fallout etc ...

So the RPGs old scholl I know them well and I love them, but to be honest their strength was not the gameplay but the feeling of freedom the narration their atmosphere and background.

In this sense Baldur's 3 has all good, after more than 30 hours in the early access I feel freer than most of the RPGs I've played, the narration is largely worthy of a baldur's gate, the interaction with the companions makes me think a lot of dragon age origin, the universe has nothing to do with divinity which was cartoon and light while it's photorealistic and it's clearly dark fantasy.

To sum up, I think that saying that baldurs gate 3 is not a baldurs makes as much sense as saying that a game like the witcher 3 or mass effect is not an RPG because there is an action side to it that is missing the essence of what an RPG is.

The essence of baldur's gate is its dark fantasy universe, its dungeon and dragon sides, its narration, its feeling of freedom of action to make a quest, its characters with whom you can create links.

Sorry but if you really invest yourself on this point baldur's gate 3 is better baldur's gate than the previous ones, on the other hand yes it's modernised and it's a very good thing, so for people who say it's not a baldur's I invite them either to try to keep an open mind on the fact that modernising the license is not only not to destroy it but also to allow a wider audience who honestly would never have played at the first one what in the end can only sublimate it.

After all, if you are disappointed because you don't find this 90's RPG side of the game passing your way and playing a pillar of eternity, wasteland, desperados this nostalgic boomer style is not missing, but it's just not part of Larian's DNA which wants to make every time they make a game innovative in terms of gameplay, narration and multiplayer experience.

They fought to get the license as the boss is a big fan of this one that wizard coast doesn't give it to just anyone and it feels like from the first minutes of the game but they did it Larian style which besides being a good thing is likely to give birth to one of the best rpg of these decades.

I think that just for that the studio deserves that we keep an open mind that we don't get stuck on details (like six characters) that they certainly had in mind during the development of the game on which they made a choice to make the best RPG possible.

My point of view is that baldur's gate 1 was a revolution in the same way as fallout 1 was in its time from an RPG point of view, it's excellent that Larain doesn't try at all costs to do the same thing in HD, that he tries to innovate while keeping a structure that works and is coherent.