In short,

- Better party controls (traditional RTS-like controls as used by the past Infinity Engine games, Pathfinder Kingmaker and countless others VS the shitty chain/unchain system Larian insists to use).
- Six men party (and the previous point is basically a pre-requisite for this).
- Better and slimmer inventory management (less useless garbage to pick up, all keys automatically added to a "keyring", all texts summarized in a separate menu without filling bag space, all food removed or abstracted as some generic "food" resource -i.e. Lords of Xulima- etc.).
- A whole lot of companions, not necessarily bound to be "playable origin stories" and not necessarily available from the beginning.
- Extended party. Meaning the possibility to keep companions around at your base/camp/whatever even when you are not bringing them around in your current group.
- A whole lot of minor tweaking, frankly of very secondary importance after the above mentioned stuff (i.e. cosmetic adjustment, ruleset tweaking, etc.).
- More classes and races, but I guess most of them are coming.


Things I'd love to se but I know it's a waste of time to ask for, because Larian already said they won't happen

- Proper passing of time and a night and day cycle.

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Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN