Here is the list of my observations, criticisms and improvements.

Character creations:

- To be able to increase the size of the characters.
- Be able to increase muscle mass
- More diversity, head, scars
- Be able to hide the helmet
- Customize our armor, weapons etc.

- Improve inventory management.
- Add a bonus or penalty when throwing Dice "1" and / or "20"
- add a fog of war
- Being able to create a camp to rest where you want, with the risk of being robbed, attacked.
- Better management of the group, when you want to go in stealth with a single character that the others do not follow etc.
- Max level plus 10 (?) Ideally level 15 or 20
- remove the sending of objects to the camp, it's cheating and it makes the game too easy.
- limited arrows for archers.
- increase the speed of the AI ​​during combat.
- adjust the power curves when you push an enemy according to the class played.
- improve the combat interface, we don't always know who to play.
- make the bonuses / penalties more visible on our characters and on enemies.