Perhaps "don't go for a DnD name, if you don't want to make a DnD game" would hit the nail better.

Its a good fantasy RPG, but it has not much to do with DnD.
If i want to play a soccer PC game, there are obviously limitations. Im fine with the AI making runs i can not control, im fine if different developers try to implement movement options, shots, dribbling options in different ways. Im fine with no hand-ball penalties since its completely random on PC. Like EA is developing the FIFA game. if now the license goes to a different company and in FIFA22 you now may use your hand, play with 2 balls, offside gets deleted, penalties are shot from 3 meters and you can upgrad your strikers with 800kmh ball launching bazookas but the keeper gets an MG42 in return people understandibly go: "hey: thats supposed to be a soccer game. This is not soccer at all anymore".

Like fine, go for another take on DOS. It was a great game. It really was. But dont make a DnD game if you do not want to make a DnD game.

Just see Kingmaker. Pathfinder is way more complex than dnd5e. they had to make adjustments. Invisibility and flying work differently, flanking works differently. But overall, that game is clearly a PC adaptation of the pen and paper game. The focus is on the pathfinder rules, and when necessary, they diviated. In BG3 right now the DnD Rules are a rough shape of you characters, but many important mechanics are DOS mechanics, not DnD mechanics.

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