I stand corrected, thanks for teaching me something. smile

Jsut played another fight so got a couple more notes:
- Opportunity attacks by players that are dual weilding attack twice.
- Bane is currently granting disadvantage to attacks rather than -1d4 (porbably a bug)
- The unconcious condition gives attackers 100% chance to hit
- The evocation schools spell sculpting does not seem to work (probably bugged)
- The abjuration schools arcane ward doesn't seem to do anything.. though the description says it only has 3hp anyway which is pitiful compared to phb.
- Upcasting armour of agathys currently increases the tmp hp but not the damage (looks like a bug)
- There seems to be no way to willingly end concentration early except for casting another concentration spell.
- Weight capacity has been changed to 10lb per point in str rather than 15, but encumbereance currently has no effect in game.

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