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Why though? It looks like more time was spent on making sure anyone can fuck anyone than was spent on actual writing or character development.

I know now what kinds of gamers work at Larian. The kinds who care more about fucking goblins for the lols than about the adventure itself.

I hate playing D&D with people like that, and I can guarantee I will hate this game now.

This isn't D&D. This is pre teen masturbatory soap opera trash.

This kind of cringe garbage makes me REALLY not want this game now. It keeps looking worse and worse with every update.

You really need to get over yourself. Not everything has to revolve around you. If this is something that really disturbs you then its a good thing you are only playing early access.

Note your objections and move on to a new game. There is no need to insult the developers of the game over a personal bias that you may have of certain types of players and/or playstyles. That's just rude and inconsiderate.