Getting close to finished with my wizard playthrough and despite having grease memorized the entire time, I have yet to cast it. I have never come to a situation where I said to myself Grease would be better in this situation than Ray of Frost. Even if I miss it puts the patch of ice down. Also, Acid Splash, as long as there is bountiful food to go around (sitting on a stack of 20 apples and 30 potatoes or so right now) no reason not to reduce those enemy AC's

Despite having spent the money to scribe them because it's just so cheexy, I have avoided the temptation of actually casting cleric spells with my wizard. On the other hand, I've got a boatload of cantrips I can choose from each round because cantrip scrolls are a thing when they shouldn't be, still looking for that eldritch blast and poison spray scroll.

Mage Armor is a great example of a spell I memorize first thing in the morning then switch out of and memorize something else for the rest of the day, I shouldn't be able to do this but as long as I'm not in combat I can choose whatever spells I want to have "memorized". There needs to be some kind of UI that pops up right before or right after resting for a night that let's you do all your memorization adjustment then that's it for the rest of the day.

Web has proven pretty worthless as almost every enemy just jumps out of it.
Nobody cares if I walk within 40' of them and cast a friends cantrip on them that works 100% of the time, Charm Person has a chance to make them angry and they get a saving throw.
Ray of Frost is Sacred Flame's best friend, you don't get to save against sacred flame if your prone from the guaranteed ice sheet.
The spell selection screen seems passible for now with only up to 2nd level spells, but when you get third, fourth and fifth level spells in the mix that can all be cast at higher level the current UI is going to be a nightmare. I'm assuming there is something in the works for this.
Silence works great against me, no spells at all, but when you open with a silence spell against a cleric of lolth and her first action inside the sphere is to mirror image up, I'm hoping there is some adjustments still to be made.
I would love a camera mode where I could look up, I like the close in camera that follows my character but restricts my line of sight, these maps are so vertical you just can't play that way
Honestly can't wait for some new companions or even the mercenary system to be introduced. I play good guys in RPG's Paragon, Paladins, the kind of person who turns down Edwin and Viconia in the previous BG's because I didn't agree with them on a philisophical level despite knowing they were far and away the most powerful choice I could make for a companion. With this crew I don't really talk to them much, although I can't say much about Wyll, both times I've gotten to the druid grove he's died in the battle, didn't even realize he was an partyable NPC my first time and only knew the second time when I looked at the name on his corpse.

So far loving the game, several bugs, several clunky UI elements, several design decisions I'm hoping were just "testing the waters" and will be moved more closely to the 5e rules, inventory items and management are obviously still a WIP (several items still have no icon) but it's coming together nicely. I actually do appreciate the way you have expanded magic items, +1 isn't the be all and end all of "is it a magic item". If it all comes together in the end I can see how this could be a good Dungeon's and Dragon's game.