This post contains all the things I’ve found in my 40-ish hour playthrough and testing of BG3’s early access content, and let me say, it has been an absolute joy! It's pretty big, about 2000 words, I hope it isn't too daunting or confusing to read.
I have, to the best of my ability, split the bugs, errors and glitches into smaller sections based on type and category.

Nautiloid starting scenario
- Unsure how to replicate, but I had an issue where Newborn jumped straight to its death right before meeting Lae'zel. I jumped first across the gap, then targeted Newborn. It had jumped before I could do anything and disappeared into the hole behind me. I later had a dialogue pop up where it tells me to hurry to the helm, despite no longer being in my party or anywhere else.
- I made a successful Arcane check by the Drained Cleric on the nautiloid, the one that gives you a key to the elaborate chest in the previous room. I still received the "Could mean anything" dialogue. Unsure if intended or impossible to pass this check.

Character creation and character sheet
- The following backgrounds: Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Outlander, Sailor, Soldier and Urchin are all missing 'check marks' or filled out squares during character selection. They're shown on the character sheet on the left, but not on the right. [Linked Image]

- Encumbrance isn’t doing anything until you hit double the number written in the character sheet. Either double the number to represent the actual breakpoint where it affects movement or have it cut off at the current number written. [Linked Image]

- Targeting using character portraits always just results in 'invalid target' for me.
- It seems to me like I am always eligible to sneak attack, both ranged and melee, but the damage varies A LOT. So what are the conditions for sneak attack? Can this be clearly shown somehow when hovering over potential targets?
- In the attached image I just took 17(!!) fall damage from jumping where my party is standing, to where my character is standing in a pool of blood. [Linked Image]

- All characters, no matter their race, seem to have the same amount of movement: 9m.
- Conjured creatures, Young Mud Mephit or others, can get stuck “getting into range” or “plotting next move”, essentially wasting all their turns doing nothing.
- Death saves are reset when loading a mid-combat save file where a character was on the ground rolling said saves. I had Lae’zel at 2 failed saves and 1 success, closed the game for the night, opened the file the day after and her saves were reset. She started rolling as if she had no fails or successes.
- Frightened creatures take forever to switch turns or get stuck so the turn never ends.
- Phase Spiderling portraits are below the frame. [Linked Image]

- Is it intended that weapons don't scale with high ability scores? The bonus damage from Strength, in my case a +3, is registered in the character sheet but not on the weapons themselves. If they -should- scale, it'd be nice to write something like 1d6+Strength or 1d8+Dexterity to make it clear what stat a weapon uses. I have multiple times experienced hitting a 2 with a 1d6 weapon with a +3 Strength, which should be impossible. I totally understand if it's a balancing issue, but the 1d6+3 in the character sheet is quite misleading. [Linked Image]

- Lae’zel’s superiority die are not subtracted from the total when using her abilities until they are depleted.
- Astarion’s Vampire Bite does not provide the “Happy” buff or “Bloodless” debuff when used on larger creatures such as the Minotaurs or Bulette in the Underdark or Ogres.

Ludonarrative dissonance
- There is unfortunately a lot of this, where character reactions/dialogue options make no sense based on the events that have taken place or they just don’t have any reactions to it. I realise this is super difficult to get perfect for everyone, but it’s such an integral part of the game.
- Goblin fight by the Windmill: Even after getting answers about Spike’s whereabouts, the goblin leader surrendered, and Wyll himself asks me to ‘kill it’, he still says “Damn it all to the Hells. I wanted to knock him out, not kill him. He could have led me to Spike.”
- Both Wyll and Gale asks Lae’zel if she’s ever done a good deed just for the sake of it. Exact same dialogue.
- Shadowheart left my camp at some point, no idea when, due to her distaste for Lae’zel. I still had her ornate box in my inventory. I later found her in the Druid Grove, unwilling to join me because of Lae’zel, playing with said ornate box. I was now unable to interact with the box I had, presumably because you need her to be with you. This later meant I had the ornate box when I met the githyanki knights, but Lae’zel didn’t acknowledge this until after combat had ensued and I had killed them all.

- World map: Unable to see the entire map when zoomed out. Restricted to what feels like a circle when dragging it around to orientate myself. Works fine when zoomed in. Resolution is quite low making it very difficult to see what’s what. The minimap is funky as well, it is often not centered on the currently active character like it should be.
- The Bloodstone icon shares its icon with, among many others, “Our Mind” and "Sussar Bark". Placeholder icon?
- Vendor prices do not match the actual buy/sell value of items. Price shown when buying is way lower than the actual price, and the number shown when selling is much higher than you would be paid by a trader.
- Even as a Divinity veteran, I cannot for the life of me find a button or option to sell all my 'wares' at once at vendors or traders. Is it missing or am I blind?
- Unable to use scroll wheel in the quest log. Apparently there’s a limit to how big it is? Gale’s “In Case of Death…” was out of bounds for me.
- Opening a new container without closing or taking all from an old one doesn’t close the first container. The windows keep stacking as long as you’re in range. Opening a new container should close the first one automatically.
- Bonuses from spells like Guidance aren't shown in dialogue. Generally there’s some info missing when it comes to bonuses from abilities and spells. [Linked Image]

World, quests and visuals (broad category, sorry)
- Characters have a really annoying tendency to willingly accept fall damage or walk into hazards. This can happen to NPC’s too; After I had defeated Auntie Ethel, the Green Hag, in her lair and talked to Mayrina, she walked into an acid pool I had created on the floor, turned hostile and attacked me.
- Player character is missing from the scene where Astarion tries to bite. The model re-appeared after I chose the dialogue option to lash out with my elbow, but was clipping into Astarion’s. (Cheers for making it possible for him to actually kill me, that felt really awkward and cool at the same time!) There was, however, no reaction from him the following day after I had Gale use a Scroll of Revivify to resurrect my own character. He reacted in the moment but it was so strange that he just acted as if nothing had gone wrong when I talked to him after resting/getting up again. It is also really unsettling that the blood pool from when I died never disappears from my bedroll... [Linked Image] [Linked Image]

- Tollhouse: Talking to Anders: No cinematic dialogue. [Linked Image]

- Karlach the tiefling was described in Anders’ dialogue as having only one horn, but her model had both.
- Karlach still shows up on the map as a quest icon, even after killing the Tyr paladins and going back to complete the quest.
Tollhouse basement: The hidden wall glitches and opens/closes very quickly when in TBM. I can still walk through, but it just goes up and down over and over super fast. The sound for open/close plays continually too.
- Unable to reach and grab the two Greatswords standing in vases.
- I blocked all the vents I saw with Perception checks before the secret door wall, all but 1 or 2, with crates. The two vents behind the wall spew poison but did not do any damage or gave any conditions. Did not have to roll saves either. Poison visual persisted despite blocking those vents after.
- Astarion, and I am assuming any character could do this, started the dialogue and subsequent combat with the ogre/bugbear lovers from the roof. [Linked Image]

Sunlit Wetlands/Insidious Swamp: Running water can damage Astarion even when he is seemingly on dry land.
- I was unable to take the “Letter to Kagha” from the Twisted Tree. I could read it and get quest progress. I could also “Send to Camp” and could retrieve it from the Traveler’s Chest later.
- Wizards are able to use any and all spell scrolls to learn spells from, including non-Wizard spells like Cure Wounds or False Life.
- Helmets disappear when scaling rocks or roots. They disappear randomly at other times too but I couldn’t find the cause for this.
Burning Inn: TBM keeps breaking for me when I try to save the trapped man and I had to figure out a way to save him in real time, which was super frustrating. I was unable to exit TBM or end turn.
- The quest “Rescuing the Grand Duke” never popped up for me, so I was very confused when Wyll later told me we did nothing to save him.
- Auntie Ethel: I talked to her and she offered me her deal. I thought ‘nope’ and left the area. Any time I got into combat afterwards, I kept reloading save files to go to different areas, her quest auto-completed saying ‘it turned violent. The swamp hasn’t even visually changed for me and all Auntie Ethel did before I left was teleport Mayrina and say that I was welcome any time I wanted to take her deal.
- Dwarf cleric: Offered a human option when talking to Auntie Ethel. [img][/img]

- Are the saving throws for fall damage hidden or do they not exist?
- I camped in the Underdark after killing the two Minotaurs then woke up in the Druid Grove. I then camped in the Owlbear cave and woke up in the Underdark. I had not completed any of the quests to get cleansed and had happily done side quests until this point.
Nature’s shortcut above the Swamp: The big log. I failed my nature check, walked closer and the log disappeared.
- Volo performing for goblins: Option 4 was blank.
- Workbench at Camp unusable/uninteractable.
- Skipping dialogue generally messes with the cinematic camera in dialogues.
- Closed eyes look absolutely horrifying!
- Completing the quest to rescue Halsin and dispatch the goblins: Despite resting multiple times, talking to Rath and getting the rewards, “Wait for Halsin at Camp” won’t trigger. I finally moved on and looked in my quest log, then talked to Zevlor about meeting him and the refugees at my Camp, then rested and the quest progressed. It could be me who’s really stupid, but that was an awkward 15 minutes before I could complete the quest.
- When I finally did and Zevlor initiates dialogue, I tried trading with him and the trading screen triggered trading with Volo.
- The tiefling bard’s arm was… Long. After I had saved Halsin and the tieflings were preparing to leave the Druid Grove. [img][/img]

- Quest to steal the Idol of Sylvanus is still active for me after finishing up the main quest to save Halsin, seeing the refugees on their way and setting the course toward the Moonrise Towers.
Necromancer’s lair: Characters disappear and reappear throughout the tunnel. Walls, characters and environment do the same in the lair as well. It stopped after Gale had died and was resurrected, but I suspect the reload was the real fix.
- Having the Necromancer of Thay book, Evil Book, in your inventory makes a quest icon follow you around on the map and minimap until you’ve completed the quest.
Zentarim hideout:I bought Oskar Fevras from the Zentarim, teleported back to their hideout hours later and found him by the Waypoint. He was just standing there. I was unable to talk to him, but able to attack and kill him.
- None of the Zentarim bandits turn hostile or attack if I blow the oil or explosives in the lower part of the cave. The wolf guards on the top level did, but the lower ones just accepted their explosive fate.
- Wooden Chest in hidden room in Selûnite Outpost: Has a ‘Read’ option that functions like ‘Open’.
- I was unable to enter TBM in the Overgrown Tunnel; I just had the “there’s an interesting conversation nearby”. This seems to be permanent in my save now, as I am also unable to enter TBM anywhere else. None of my characters are engaged in dialogue anywhere which, as far as I know, would be the usual reason.
- Omeluum’s tentacles flail around and clip weirdly into his body and clothes. His head is tilted forward and downward too. The head tilt happens in more conversations than not and takes a lot away from the expressions of the character talking.
Devils: Their wings are completely stiff. This goes for both the General on the Nautiloid fighting the mindflayer as well as Raphael in the House of Hope. They look like cardboard wings.

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