Blah, so tired of this debate. Especially about the things going boom, explosions, burning, yada, yada, the whole theres a mindflayer and stuff to early so it's gotta be DOS. The original BG games where based on an entirely different ruleset, one that had far less races, and classes. It was basic, had mechanics that didn't work well, and the ruleset itself was far different.

Narrowly focused views about the mechanics, graphics, etc are going to fall apart for anyone with half a brain, especially if you take into consideration how old the BG titles are, how technology has changed. They fall apart when again you look at the ruleset itself that is used for both, so again it will be different, just on this basic ass mechanic of the game. If it cannot be a BG title do to it's mechanics, graphics, developer, then there are alot of games that can't be. Dragon Age, GTA, Fallout, Madden, hell any game that came out in the same time as BG's first two titles. For every one of them has changed not only graphically, but mechanically. At times like Fallout who was made by the same developers has changed significicantly over the course of there evolution. Why is this the technology used has changed, the engines have been upgraded, licenses switched hands.

Licenses being used = Somethings may very well be under license to the old developers, or in a state of limbo that would be far more costly to get legal rights to then what we know. Which can explain some reasons why BG has a different feel to it.

Booms, fires, explosions, surfaces = Stop and think about the limitations of 5e, and playing a game which by its very principle is theatre of the mind, or is being played by plastic figures, on a paper map. Then stop and think what effects would be had if you hurled fire at someone? Turned them to ice, created a massive pool of grease, unleashed a barrage of electrical energy at them? Some of these effects I can see as being put in to add realism to the game. This doesn't make them DOS it makes them more real which increases immersion. Not that hard to grasp, unless your simply looking for nitpicky reasons to show your own idoicy, narrowminded views about something. Furthermore 5e has a class built around hurling items, creating explosions, hell it even has a class that uses pistols. The ruleset used by previous BG titles lack these. Later rulesets expanded on the throwables list, flasks of acid, oil, alchemists fire, tanglefoot bags, caltrops, and more carried over into 5e. This again doesn't make the game into DOS. How many other games have you played that had fire, explosions, etc in them? Pretty much any first person shooter. So should this game be called Farcry? No. How about a Tom Clancy game? again No. Adding things that make sense when it has basis in real world doesn't make it into a DOS game. It just makes it more real. Set someone on fire by hurling a firebolt at his rag wearing ass. Pretty sure theres a chance to set them aflame, and if they happen to standing in a pool of grease then we have a BBQ! So grab an ale, sit down, and please shut the fuck up about stuff that actually makes sense since it's proven in life to actually happen. Bloody forbid real world physiques and consequences are ever in a game to add realism, so our brains can better immerse itself in.

Barrels, barrels, barrels = why so many barrels? Adding barrels again doesn't make this game a DOS game doesn't matter if it was in DOS it's a mechanic, and again mechanics does not make a game something. IF you think graphics, and mechanics make a game this or that then your sadly wrong, and need to go. Again I'll point you to any original games made back in the same era as BG, like Fallout, GTA, Maddin, hell pick a game go on, pick one. Do to the technology that was around at the time these games are rough, as time progressed there mechanics, and graphics changed, the engine that was used evolved. As any game does except for MUDDs which are simply text based. Much the same as we supposedly evolved over the course the history.

Not adhering to 5e rules = In some ways I can see an arguement about this, and it's a very smaaaaall arguement. 5e rules as stated in the book are more like guidelines, each rule is open to the interpretation of the DM and may be changed to better fit their world. In this case that DM is Larian Studios, they are the ones that are writing the campaign, guiding us, giving us some nudges, rewarding our party with exp, gold, items. Oh yeah about items look at a 5e core rulebook look to see how many listed items are in it. Not very much, and again items don't make the game a BG or not BG. Unless they are pulled from some other cross universe. Such as finding Mehzune Razor in BG3.

By most reasoning of the close minded not just BG needs to be renamed but everything in our life needs to be renamed. It's all false, graphics are how something looks, by this standard fridges are no longer fridges, stoves are not stoves, cars would have to be renamed nearly every year. Mechanically how things work again stoves, fridges, cars, lights, etc would all have to be renamed. AFter all they no longer look the same, or function the same as they did back when they were first made. So go grab wibbety wook and call your friends, cause get this that thing in your hand isn't a cell phone it can't be called a cell phone. Not only does it look entirely fucking different, it works entirely fucking different. It's just trying to lure you in by calling itself a phone! Those that played the original BG game knows this cause they were there when it took three people to call someone. One to hold that massive handset, another to work the rotary, and the third to read the number!

Brief Summary

It's not mechanics/graphics/wether or not shit blows up that makes a game part of another game. It is setting, it is story, it is how shit interacts and comes together. Since we don't know the storyline, all arguements including mine are null and void. Why because we can only assume (look at that word, go ahead look at it. Whats it saying, ASS U ME) yup thats what happens when you assume, makes an ass out of both of us. Or it is an opinion again not a fact, and many of those opinions are simply to narrow in scope, to tightly focused and things that aren't relevant, or so close minded the jaws of life couldn't pry them open enough for them to respect, or even see anothers point.