I don't like soccer games so I'm not sure I understand the metaphor but what I'm not sure I understand is that the BGIII mechanisms have nothing to do with DOS 2 or you can play DOS to say that just the way it works in persuasion or in combat is very different on a lot of points like the CC the role of warrior mages or the random aspect the most inherited thing from DOS 2 is the interface in my opinion but it's all of them.
On the other hand I'm very curious knowing that like D&D the game throws dice for all of you, it takes back the stats, spells, races and classes of D&D. Why BG3 is a less good D&D game than BG1 or BG2 because I didn't play Pathfinder but I played BG1 and 2 and BG 3 for the move is much more in the D&D spirit in its freedom of action.