- I accepted Astarion in my group but sent him to camp right away. I never even talked to him. I continued with my playthrough, found some dead boar with clear signs of having found his end at the hands of certain vampire. Still did not talk to Astarion so I clearly shouldn't know his condition. Next camp scene, Raphael shows up. When I speak with Astarion, he clearly tells me he's not going to change "one vampire master for a devil one" and even refers to his master by name. After this banter, I speak to him and the conversation options never address his vampirism.

- I found the alternative route climbing down some vines and jumping across the river, pushed the guard down to his death in the river and got to the "kiss my feet" scene with Crusher. I'm playing a rogue so I decided to try and sneak into the camp. It wasn't necessary. No one seemed to notice me. I went and talked with Volo (really bugged conversation, it repeated the same response for every option), then with a troll guard and then went back to talk to Crusher. I feel that the obvious reaction would be to attack me, a half elf, if they see me running around camp.

Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 Veteran.