Some of what I want is already in the works I've heard, such as more companion interactions/interruptions in dialog convos, more companions overall. Im really enjoying the EA so fair, thought im probably a biased sort having being a fan and repeat player of BG1&2 for 20 years and a fan of the DOS series as well.

I think they confirmed more companions, but I can't remember if they were known for classes. Ideally one for each main 5e class,, but if not I would particularly I'd like Bard, a Ranger and a Druid. At least one I would really like to be a romancing gnome. I feel like they never get the love....

Other notes:
- passive skill checks that aren't shown to the player (i don't want to know if I missed something, makes for more fun in replays imho). I would think its really interesting if you pass by something with one character who likely would notice an arcane sign, but with a differet party set up, maybe its a nature check and a carcter points out a specific plant that is growing there that us useful/valuable. Note the message message in the log window saying you passed a check should include a description of what was noticed in there.

- more 'little' moments with companions, both as PC and between them. I suspect this is something Larian has planned,but still want to list it. More comments about the world, to each other, etc

- inn/taverns. When we get out of the "woods", I'd like the option to have "camp" activities in a inn or tavern. My fancy self wants real beds for me characters.

- tie environment effects to the ground type: eg, if i cast fire ball on a stone surface, I don't expect it to hang around. It can even be scaled like: fireball ground effects last x rounds based on: water(0), stone(0), dirt/grass(1), wood (2), grease (3), etc. I love environment effects, but I want it to feel more engaging than just burn everything for ever.

-duergar sub race for dwarves. Human Culture "subgroups". There are a lot of fun human culturalgroups in Faerun and I'd love to be able to select some in place of a "subrace" for humans.

- group player size at 5 not 4. Just allows a bit more freedom.