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Don’t remind me of DAO character customization. I spent hours in that, not because it was great but because it was awful. That game was so butt-ugly.

Now Dragon’s Dogma- these was a character creator worth remembering.

I don't know about you but I've made many good looking PCs (mostly female though, so my insight into male character creator might be limited). It was rather frustrating however since some that looked good in CC turned out to be absolute monstrosities in-game, so patience (and rerolls) truly was the virtue and you actually deserved some bragging rights with a good screenshot smile

That was my experience, too. I don’t know who at BioWare thought it was a good idea to create your character in the dark, but they deserve 10,000 years of shame. I eventually made a decent looking character, but only after restarting over and over again. After playing through with an attractive elf I settled for just playing ugly characters for the rest of my time with the series. It made it so much easier when I embraced and owned playing a character with ghoulish features. 😂

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