Let me preface this with I'm a DOS fan and not overly acquainted with 5e rules. I won't be offering any set solutions to these issues. This is more how I feel about it and maybe suggestions on how it can be changed, but I don't feel I know the Balder's Gate series or 5e rules enough to make these decisions.

1. Jumping - I think this is OP as well, but I'm not sure if it needs to be removed as much as it needs a check similar to stealth. If there are ranged present and you jump? They should be able to hit you mid-air. Melee standing near you should be able to stop you from jumping completely. Also, one of my companions looted an item that can be used to help another companion jump? I'm confused as to why I would need this if I could freely jump at will anyway. I guess I think it either needs a check or it needs to be an ability that can be cast on you.

2. Surfaces - I'm okay with them, but they seem inconsistent so maybe this is a bug. Sometimes they only do damage for the one turn, sometimes their effects don't work (fog), and sometimes the effects stick around long after you've passed through (I actually died to a ground effect well after passing through it). I've dropped water on a burning area to no effect. This is early release so I hope they already are aware of this.

3. Camping - I've heard some say that time is of the essence due to this tadpole, but I'm not seeing it so far. I initially tried my best to not camp too much and conserve my unique actions, but after the companion who complains about time the most said she needed a break after doing nothing more than walking through a basement and talking to a mirror? I then felt I should have just not worried about skill/ time management and spammed my best action skills like I would in DOS.

4. Successful rolls: This may be a bug, but I've had my companions discover an item and successfully identify while I'm on another objective. I decided to keep working on my initial objective rather than stopping to investigate more. I went back maybe 5 minutes later to investigate further and I get the check again, but this time none of them identify it? Did they all get amnesia? I'm sure it was some roll that didn't go in my favor, but once it's identified it should be done. I've also had them not be successful on identification and come back later to positively identify. To me this could make sense for some characters depending on their talents (maybe it just took them a while to remember). I think automatically adding these to some type of sharable knowledge log would be nice, not just for further checks but for lore reasons as well.

5. Companion approval - There are companions that are not in my party, but they approve of my decisions. This is fine I suppose, but if they can approve my decisions while not in party then I should at least be able to access their inventory when selling items or equipping party members. If party size increase is not an option, then the camp party's bag items should be transferred to active companions.

6. I think the Nettie quest is weird. I was given the option to talk to her - when I chose to not tell her about this tadpole I had already decided to try and find Halsin. Even DOS would record this decision and not try to force the confrontation, but I feel in BG3 it is being "forced" to some degree. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way though. I understand I don't have to go back to her after lying to her, but since it stays open I feel I have to.

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