I am right now playing Co-op with 4 other people where I am hosting the game. We have had some issues smile

1: conversation icon about some players even if they are not in conversation. Result in not being able to save the game. Zoning into new area does not fix this
2: when the ! is about character and a person clicks on it the game breaks. Not dialog comes up and characters are teleported onto each other overlapping. You can get out of this by just hitting space bar multiple times to move on the conversation that is happening but nobody is seeing and no dialog tree is displayed.
3: loading into a save fx after a party wipe is really really slow. I hope that this gets improved.
4: attack of opportunity is broken for players. I have seen multiple enemies move away from a player and they don't get to attack when they move out of the 5 feet range. It should be an reaction and the only thing we are keeping track of are actions and bonus actions.

Features needed imo:

1: we do use discord but a ping or beacon really would be nice to have to point at a place in the game
2: transferring dialog to a second player would also be nice. We are playing a very mix party so each of us has a role. Sometimes a person starts a conversation and you get a choice but that characters states are not as good as the other one. I can see we have in singleplayer option to control other character but not in multiplayer. Wastland 3 does it and I think it would be nice so the main initiator of the conversation can chose to let another person take over.
3: Spells need reworking imo. Bless fx is a spell you chose 3 targets but in this its an AoE and it actually blesses enemies also. I hope to see rework on stuff like that. It makes it really hard to buff people if they are in the mix of a battle.