Forgive me since now for the inevitable grammar mistakes I'm going to make, not a mothertongue ^^'

• The mission “Daughter of Darkness” says that I’ve learned Shadowheart needs to travel to Baldur’s Gate to accomplish a mission for her order. The problem is that she never mentioned it to me, so the quest log is spoiling the plot.
• Every time I change zone, my main stays with his weapons unsheathed.
• Even if you didn’t fight the scoundrel Gimblebock, to his mate inside the ruin you can only say that you have killed him.
• Texture load too slowly during cutscenes.
• The spell “Witch Bolt” glitches after cast, remaining visible for the rest of the fight.
• Often, during cutscenes, NPCs mouths don’t move.
• Poses and expressions are often inconsistent with the context (for example, the character always assumes a hero's pose and a smirk even in the most dramatic moments).
I suggest the option, during character creation, to select a default pose exactly as in DOS2 you selected a personal musical instrument. For example, the default pose during a conversation could be "serious", "thoughtful", "sunny", "aggressive" and so on.
• After I pickpocketed the druid Nettie for the antidote (since I failed to convince her to give it to me), she resumes the conversation as if I won the previous perception check instead.
• After saving the kid from the harpies, a conversation starts which blackened my screen and forced me to restart the game.
• After descending into the thiefling child's cave there is an infinite number of text lines coming from Mirkon.
• Spells auto-add themselves to the quick bar even if I toggled off the option.
• The gloves of the True Soul also place Bane on the wearer.
• The hag door remains closed even if I passed the check to persuade it to let me pass. This forced me to wear the hag mask to proceed.
• Dialogues are sometimes incoherent. For instance: I discovered that Astarion is a vampire from the monster hunter in the swamp. Then, when I went to bed, Astarion tried to bite me and I was still surprised to discover his true identity even if I knew it from hours!
• After I beat the goblin Fezzerk and Wyl questioned and killed him, Wyl starts a dialogue accusing me of having killed the goblin instead of letting him have him interrogated.
• Barcus doesn't move coherently with the windmill.
• Pouches weight way too much. I found one of 31 pounds containing just 3 gold.
• Volo's ballad at the feast is bugged. All the text shows at one, occupying all the space and music stops playing halfway through.
• Sometimes, enemies take entire minutes to take their turn.
• Ranger class is bugged. Not a single talent from level two and onward is registered in my character sheet. I even tried to test them nonetheless but they simply don't work.

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