My wishlist:

1. Minsc & Boo
2. Bring in all of the core playable races. Gnome. Dragonborn. Half-orc.
3. Some of the Volo's races would be cool. I'd love to play a tabaxi (or encounter one as a companion).
4. Jaheira yelling "For the Fallen"
5. More race/culture based dialogue options. Playing a Gith for example should be a totally different experience. Also, my Zariel tiefling should have more investment in the whole Elturel/Avernus/Refugee thing that is going on.
6. Round out the classes. Bards. Barbarians. Sorcerers. PALADINS. Druids. Monks. Honestly could care less about things like artificers - but I'm sure someone does, so include those as well. I am looking forward to DIVINE SMITE.

Thank you.