Just 2 bugs I came across in the Underdark today. I don't know if they are reported already, but I don't want to read through the entire thread.

1. Since I picked up the Surrus Bark, the quest-marker "Surrus-bark" keeps following my character, but the game does not acknowledge that I picked it up already.

2. I got into a fight with the minotaurs and the bulette. After the minotaurs where taken out (one by me, one by the bulette), my own character left combat, while everyone else stayed in. This might be, because my character was lying on the ground at that time.
More problematic was my characters' imp. He kept dropping in and out of combat (and rolling initiative every time). As he had the highest initiative he shook the entire initiative row.
I managed to fix the problem with a save and restart (and moving my warlock away), but since then the 2 Minotaurs who died that fight are T-Posing (even after the end of the fight).