Here is a number of glitches, bugs etc. I've encountered. Sorry if they've already been mentioned elsewhere, it's difficult to keep up. smile
These are all while playing on PC through Steam.


- quest tab in the mission journal won't scroll all the way down when the journal is filled with quests; the lowest quest is hidden from view, but can be clicked
- pressing on a character portrait doesn't always immediately work, sometimes you need to press multiple times for it to register
- when leaving camp after the second dream sequence, all party members were unchained and needed to be fast traveled individually away from camp


- "Search the cellar" quest won't update if you choose to give the Necromancy of Thay to Gale
- "Deal with Auntie Ethel": Auntie Ethel doesn't spawn after freeing Mayrina, and Mayrina doesn't react at all after you free her (walks out of the cage, but no dialogue); quest still shows as 'completed' afterwards


- leather helmet: hair massively clips through the helmet in cutscenes
- bad animations whenever characters hold something in their hands in cutscenes (ring, necklace, etc.)
- in cutscenes, your companions will be randomly floating in the air behind you, only their feet visible
- elf PC (and sometimes Astarion) will float above (and sometimes next to) their sleeping mat while meditating
- Second dream sequence: clipping during the attack, as well as when your 'dream partner' holds your hand while watching the city burn
- after the second dream sequence, Astarion is sleeping in a puddle by the log in the camp in broad daylight. He still takes part in the cutscene conversation with Shadowheart, though
- Liam's legs bend the wrong way when you talk to him in the Shattered Sanctum
- when Scratch brings you the satchel in camp and you convince him to give it to you, the item description text code appears is written in the subtitle
- Silvanus' Grove, servant's quarters: book on the desk called "The Emerald Enclave - Tenets": instead of brackets, there are letters ">br"

Silvanus's Grove:
- perspective when talking to Dammon, the smith, is always from above staring down at him, even if you are standing below him
- Okta gets stuck in the anmiation holding her arm up towards you after handing you the bowl of food
- When Nettie brandishes the thorned stick, it will stay floating in midair when she puts her hand down during the cutscene, jumping back into her hand when she raises it again

Blighted Village:
- Apothecary cellar, past the mirror: entire area very "flickery"
- Encounter with Fezzerk: after the fight ends and Fezzerk surrenders, Astarion & Gale are floating in the background during the cutscene
- Barcus Wroot: when stopping the windmill, Barcus can only be seen shortly, after which he disappears and only the bindings on the windmill are visible.


- Sometimes the turn order seems to be completely skewed, with some characters not getting their turn at all / getting it later than they should without an obvious reason
- occasionally, combat will stay "stuck" on the character whose turn has just finished; the next character can't take his turn, even though the portrait is highlighted
- enemies will occasionally shoot through walls or around corners
- when trying to shove a prone opponent, "0%" appears as flytext when mousing over the prone character, but you can shove them anyway


- In a cutscene, your answering options will sometimes briefly appear on screen while the cutscene is still playing
- Wyll's dialogue ("I'm coming as fast as I... Drow?") bugs out when you see the dead Tiefling on the road. He starts saying "Look...", as if wanting to confess something to you, then the voice & animation are abruptly cut off, and he starts a completely different sentence: "Come on. It's time we paid Spike a visit."
- Conversations will randomly not pace properly (sentences cut short, next sentence starts immediately after a cutoff; example: Auntie Ethel in Druid Grove, convo between Wyll and Fezzerk)
- When Wyll confesses about Mizora: "Mizora she called herself" - Wyll doesn't say that line, even though it appears in the subtitles.
- conversations don't progress properly when reading the Necromancy of Thay, must press space bar to make answering options visible

- Astarion:
- You can mention Cazador to him early on in a conversation, even though Astarion himself has only mentioned the name once in a side sentence, and your character can't possibly know who he is.
- Later on, after you already had the option to talk about Cazador, when you initiate a conversation with Astarion he will start it by saying "I guess you want to know about Cazador". While he eventually does tell you some new things, he starts by telling you all the exact same things he has already told you earlier
- After defeating the monster hunter in the swamp with Astarion on your team, at camp you have the option to tell him: "I met a monster hunter in the swamp. He was looking for you."

- Wyll:
- When confronting Spike when he is torturing Liam, you have the option to say: "I tortured this man for nothing?" It was Wyll doing the torturing, not the PC

- Volo & Gribbo: after interrupting his song, all conversation options except "Leave" prompt the exact same response both from Volo and from Gribbo, meaning you listen to the same sequence over and over again