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- PC created by player. What is the point of this character? Again I realize it might not be entirely fleshed out yet, but in BG/BG2 your PC felt like YOUR PC. It was happening to you and was made very clear from the start you had a role to play in the story. In BGIII, they are more or less a blank slate. And by choosing an Origin character you are seeing a more interesting tale. Why should I care about a PC if they don't have an interesting back story?

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Not only have they no interesting back story, they have no special place at all in the story. If the pc was missing you would play the same game (with only 3 party members), they feel more like a mercenary as companion ... an definitely not as the main character

So much this. I was playing origin characters in DOS2 because of how well they were integrated and how many personal stakes and reactions they had. I love the game, but the characters don't feel "mine" so to speak.
Baldur's Gate is a different beast imo.
I feel like BG 1 and 2 touched so many people was because the story felt deeply personal - you start off as a kid and then your foster parent gets killed so you embark on the act of revenge, then you are tortured for your powers and your childhood friend is taken, etc. The companions were colourful and had personal stakes, but they never overshadowed your character. To be honest I'd rather they completely scrapped the ability to play origin characters and just focused all those resources on our protagonist. Giving us such an amazing CC with so many race, class, and appearance options seems like a waste when it becomes more interesting to play pre-defined characters.

There are three things that are strength incarnate: there is love of life, there is fear of death, and there is family. A family that loves death would have a strong pull indeed.