Oops didn't notice this thread afore posting my own, sorry, will just add my comments in here as more likely to be seen by devs.

Overall I enjoyed what I've seen so far, bugs here and there obviously but generally nothing too bad. So rather than a long spiel just a few points on the plus and minus side. There are more items in the negative list but most of those negatives are things that could be sorted during EA and don't entirely spoil my enjoyment of it.


Graphics - prefer how the graphics have been done in this game compared to the Original Sin series, less cartoony, particularly armours.

Story - interesting from the get go, but not entirely revealed as yet to keep ones interest

Quests - yeh no delivery quests! Nice variety of sub-quests, with a variation in difficulty and duration. Obviously various ways of completing main goal. Progress isnt too slow or too fast.

Combat - not just hack and slash, need to think and plan.

Length - based on the early access looks like a decent amount of hours need to be invested, particularly if you like to do side quests.


Party control is something of a pain, especially when jumping. Prefer the old school method of individual selection or hitting a button to select all rather than having to chain/unchain the group.

Too much emphasis on height advantage. Not too familiar with 5e rules but not so sure about bows getting both range and to hit bonuses from height. Similarly Im pretty sure there's not supposed to be an advantage to landing spells from height which there seems to be? Also too much emphasis on knocking people off heights as a way of doing damage. Not sure I've seen any areas that are flat and where you/opponents can't gain a height advantage. So overused especially as climbing should require a lot of your movement allowance which it doesn't appear to do.

Too much emphasis on lingering ground effects - spells have been altered to provide these, elemental arrows likewise have been altered to give a pool of the element, way too many barrels of oil etc. This is all straight out of DOS and I don't think it fits in with D&D. Lingering effects are fine if the original D&D spell specifies it. Aside from not being very D&D like it also causes problems when trying to cast against opponents that are in melee with one of your party.

Seems to be a bias towards ranged as against melee.

All but one of the available companions seems to be on the evil side - perhaps Larian want to push us down that road, or there are nicer companions further down the road. But personally I prefer playing a good character and doing so basically alienates most of the current companions. I'd like a bit more variety in the companions at the start though.

Limited to only 4 party members - think it should be 5 or 6, to allow for a little variety in the party.

Shouldn't be able to use food for healing in combat but given how relatively scarce healing potions are and how little they heal something needs adjusted espeically given that the cleric healing spells at this level are also rather limited in combat.

As usual in Larian games there are way too many containers in the game - why have 12 containers in the one room when all but one or two are empty, or in some cases half a dozen containers all with similar items in them, again why not just have a couple with a greater content. Would ignore them altogether except that they can contain useful if not needed items. Also don't highlight which is a pain although possibly a bug. I don't think having to open hundreds of containers (and that's just in early access area) is fun or adds anything to the game.

And lastly for the sake of poor Gale, possibly a little less emphasis on attacking the mage!

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