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big +1 to this, my character feels like a blank slate and I can come up with as much backstory as I want to in my head but it doesn't really have the same feeling to it, especially when all my dialogue options won't reflect that. If they won't just go full deep dive on the custom PC's background, at least give us some way to make their background more personal in the character creator. Like create your character, then you go to a screen that lets you alter your backstory and such. DOS2 has this in a small sense with the "tags" system, where you could choose 2 tags like "barbarian" and "jester" that let you open up more options during dialogues according to those tags. I'm sure writing a 3 page backstory isn't something they could feasibly allow in the game, but let us choose certain things like backgrounds, where our PC is from, what they used to do, etc etc to give them more flavor.

On a side note, does anyone have any idea what the "who do you desire?" page where you create what seems to be your lover(?) after character creation is all about? Like, what am I supposed to do with this exactly? xD

if you could pick an origin story no companion has, it would help to fill the gap
you could even include the "who do you desire" into the origin story

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Considering how outrageous the current companion origin stories are, it shouldn't be hard to make one they don't have lol. Literally any origin story that is less out of this world wacky and insane would be something the other companions don't have, and I rather like making a character that's more grounded. Sure my warlock may have signed a pact with a fiend at some point, but they certainly aren't stupid enough to do something so dangerous that it literally turns them into a walking, talking apocalypse waiting to happen (looking at you Gale)

I'm happy one of my points is getting some traction, and not just because it's a post I made. (I'm sure several others have said the same) I feel it's a legitimate issue the game currently has. I don't know often a mod is going through this thread and adding to the list of points, but the more people that chime in, the more likely it is to gain traction.

I'm also very happy I'm not the only one that feels this way. So far you've got:

- (presumably) a princess Githyanki with a chip on her shoulder
- a hero who is bound by a contract with a devil
- a cleric who has had her most important memories removed by Shar
- a mage who needs to eat magic items
- a vampire who is bound by a greater vampire

These stories are extremely out there. Where's your average Joe? I don't mind interesting back stories, but these people have the craziest lives! Anyway, that is to say, the more people that hammer home (without being trolls or obnoxious) important points, the more likely we are to get positive change.