Small update from my last post to add a few more bugs found and a work around for the saving issue we encountered.

First the saving issue - we found it was caused by a conversation bug where a player starts a conversation, and the other listens in. After the conversation is done, the game still has the player who listened in flagged as in conversation still and this prevents the saving. All the person has to do is start conversation with someone else and exit back out - the conversation box above their head will disappear and saving will be permitted once more. While they have the bug, both manual saves and quicksaves will refuse to work, but only trying to quicksave will tell you the reason for not being able to save.

New bugs found:

-Playing solo, after the ship crashed I had absolutely no NPC's appearing on the map - none of the companions showed up to recruit, and the NPC's around the Mind Flayer were not there. The corpses that litter the place were not even appearing for me to loot.

-In Multiplayer, conversations bug very often. The person who listens in to another players conversations get stuck in dialogue according to the game when they are in fact not in conversation with anyone or listening in on someone else. We have also had a couple of times where the camera changes for conversation, and the person you are talking to may say one line, but it then just exits conversation either after they speak 1 line or before any line is spoken. This tends to lock us out of conversation with that person so we cannot continue dialogue.

-In the Quest "Rescue the Trapped Man", we did the quest and found the ring from Miri, but upon taking it back to Benryn he doesn't take it and the quest doesn't conclude or proceed in any way. He just stands there saying something like, "No, it can't be true" the rest of the time after that.

-The camera gets stuck in the terrain VERY often and can make trying to view around you extremely frustrating at times.

-Wyll seems to be very bugged in the burning inn and in the abandoned village. When rescuing the people from the burning building, we had Wyll with us and succeeded in doing everything. After it was done, Wyll had the "!" to speak with him and he spoke as if we did nothing to help, like we failed. We broke down the door, and we got his dialogue, but after everything is said and done, he says we abandoned them and did nothing. Then in the abandoned village, when rescuing the Deep Gnome from the windmill, Wyll asked us to knock the goblin leader out so he could interrogate him, but after we did Wyll spoke as if we had killed him.

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