Yeah, having the high ground does not give advantage in D&D, it was poor decision since having advantage is a big part of combat and getting it is now so easy that most of the time it's harder not to have advantage that to have it. Not to mention they consider the tiniest amount of difference in ground height to constitute "high ground" like I'm not even half a foot lower then this guy, how is that advantageous high ground?

Another big +1 against the ranged bias, melee characters are completely pointless as is because if spells and arrows don't shred them, the unnecessary amount of surface effects will do it for them.

As for healing potions, I don't find them scarce at all. Maybe I'm not using them quiet as often or I've just had better luck finding them, but I have a pretty decent stash of them tucked away and keep finding at least 1 more every combat or new area I explore. They toss out healing pots and magic scrolls like candy on halloween.