-Books could use a bit more written in them.

-Give ropes purpose. We can climb ledges and jump across gaps, so why not use rope? Add gaps that require rope, or climbs that require rope. Do something with rope.

-I'd like more camera control. Currently, if I want to look more "ahead" of my character, I have to zoom in to gain that angle. If I want to look more "down" on my characters, I have to zoom out to achieve that angle. It's not a huge issue, but it would be nice. Untie the vertical camera control from zooming in and out.

-Camera in general-- I found that things would block my view too often. Things that I feel should have "dissolved" out of the way to offer a clearer view. Camera often became especially burdensome when trying to see things at/from, different heights/levels.

-Pathing needs some work. When my rogue is on the roof, standing 2 feet from an unblocked ladder, I want my rogue to use the ladder when I click on the ground instead of jumping off the roof, landing on a vendor and hurting myself and going prone and starting combat with people I had no intention of starting combat with yet.

-Pathing/positioning related-- I feel like characters should be able to get closer to objects and edges. Ie. Be able to move around in more of the visible map. It's a minor issue, perhaps, but I often wanted characters to be able to get closer to a wall, or closer to an edge, or closer to another character, or outright be able to jump onto more spots that seemed plenty big enough to position a character instead of them just being blocked for 'reasons'.

-Probably just pathing related-- I found I often couldn't pivot around an enemy while staying within reach without provoking an AoO. Sometimes I just want to threaten more than 1 enemy, and want to pivot around the nearest enemy to a position where I can threaten 2 enemies instead of one. Like, the pathing would always make them step *just* out of reach even if there were no obstructions, provoking an AoO. Tried moving them in small increments, but it seemed like I often couldn't prevent them from just stepping out of reach/into an AoO. I've used jumping/disengage to reposition too, but the landing zones sometimes require too big of a clear area for it to allow a jump IMHO.

-Line of sight and obstructions. I feel like these are a bit too loose. I couldn't count the amount of times I had to go "wtf? How did that shot have anything even remotely close to resembling a path to its target?"

-Some enemies seem too smart. Just finding ways from the very first turn to get past the front line and fight the squishies. Yes, of course you'd want to kill the squishies first, but I feel like some enemies shouldn't be that smart.

-Character selection felt clunky. I noticed sometimes I'd want to quickly select another character and click on their portrait only for nothing to happen. Then i'd click again and it would select. Just felt like it slowed things down a bit. Didn't feel fluid. Also, locking/tethering characters to others and unlocking/untethering them felt sort of clunky at times.

-I wish the camp feature made more sense. I get that it's a gathering place for party members and benched party members to interact a bit, and will probably play a bigger role later, but when I'm in a dungeon and camp and i'm suddenly out in a forest, it's a little immersion breaking. I really like the way Pathfinder: Kingmaker did camping, where you had to place down a little camp wherever you were. You could pick for how long. There were things to do (cook, etc.) There were chances you'd get ambushed in the night (something I didn't see in BG3), and could mitigate that risk by using characters well versed in it to camoflage the camp, or by placing certain characters better suited to it on watch duty. Having certain characters better suited to it cook for better bonuses or whatnot, and a bit of interaction happened.

-And finally, tone down surface effects. Also, if cantrips causing surface effects just plain isn't something that is going to be brought in line with 5e core rules, at least tweak how it works somehow. I like a smart/well played surface effect maneuver from time to time, but having them thrust upon me at the rate they were in current EA content got a bit tiresome.

All in all, I had fun. I want more, and I want it now. But please do consider some of the changes and tweaks people have been bringing up. I suspect it'll be a pretty fantastic game when it's done, and I can't wait.

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