I have another problem. I reached the Hag house from the Underdark by chance. I avoided the Hag and Mayrina and went sneaking (crouching) into her lair, pickpocketed the fake door, killed her minions and then she spawned when i stopped sneaking. I fought her near the final room and killed her. Went back up to check on Mayrina and she's fine, i told her i've killed the hag and she wanted to give Connor a proper burial. She even gave me an amulet so i thought ok the quest is over, GG. Well...nope now it's forcing me to use a wand to resurrect Connor. Beside the fact that is clearly a stupid thing to do, i don't understand why i don't have a choice. So i went near the coffin, used the wand, he turned hostile and i had to kill him. After that Mayrina got pissed and told me to get away. Meh.

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