1: I would like to use the right click context menu on party members to apply buffs to them and use the context menu to use offensive skills/magic on enemys. The right click one, instead to be force ´d to go in the UI and select the skill by mouse or memorize the hotkey it got assigned and what skill is related to said hot key.

2: If number one is not possible please add a option to clear all skills items from the action bar as it gets very fast very full with items you pick up and skills scrolls and magic and its getting chaotic. A quick and konnivent way to clear it and rearrange it would be nice. Like maybe I dont know make it register that there is free spot in action bar and left clicking it you get the option to add a skill or spell or inventory item in that spot. (Maybe be little deviants and make the action bar size depending on the intelligence of the character. Higher intelligence more stuff he remembers can put there down.)

3: Books or just parchment rolls or single page letters all use the book background graphic, please make it like with corpses where a skeleton just has white bones, a cadaver flesh and bones when you loot them. The attention to detail is nice and the book/single page just brakes the immersion, you did go all the way to make a difference with dead body's to loot please continue this.

4: Bigger party 6 members.

5: More Party members.

6: severe lack of Paladins :-( in EA and real life.

7: Sever lack of magical shields in EA.

8: Sever lack of magical one handed long swords :-( in EA.

9: Extreme lack of plate armor or any decent heavy armor not to mention magical ones in EA!

10: Day night cycle with day night related encounters.

11: Remove fast travel and quick travel , this is not Skyrim and the travelled way is the destination. This is not a race who gets to finish line first. Add encounters, ambushes, party conversation, banter to the whole thing even more when you have to back track. The map is not super huge that such a system is needed.

12: On the choosing starting gear, make the gear we get on the start of the game depedning on feats class and skills we choose.

13: Related to Nr: 12 A New game + option, once we have reached our final destination adn the BG3 is over we get the option to go again but with more character options, maybe some hidden skills and or gear, Kind of create a pre game shop keeper and instead of gold let use points that we have collected in our first playthrou to "Invest" them in skills and gear for the NG+ game.