Hello everyone! I came across something that I haven't been able to work around just yet and wanted to report it. I will mark as a spoiler as the fight can go differently for some:

In an area off the Underdark, called The Festering Cove, there is sequence that can break out against a fish tribe and their "fake" God. I was able to simply convince the fishies that the God that they were worshiping was false and engaged combat with just BOOOAL (the false God), instead of BOOOAL and all of the fishies worshiping him. After combat, the fishies look to you are their new praise of worship and they ask for your first commandment, it is here where lies my problem: I am not able to make a selectable choice. The game seems to take the mechanics for a multiplayer session, where players of the active group can pick what decision they want the person holding the conversation to make. I'm including an image to help explain: [img]https://imgur.com/qQjroG6[/img].

After not killing the fishies in The Festering Cove fight, you are unable to progress the conversation. In this conversation, the game thinks you are in a multiplayer session and your dialogue option is highlighted for the "Conversation Leader" to select. [img]https://imgur.com/qQjroG6[/img].