I have a small list of things I feel were overlooked or maybe not mentioned, although I didn't comb over this entire thread so i'd like to share my thoughts!

-We should be allowed to make perception checks on chests and doors actively to check if they are trapped.

-Some sort of check should be required to see the information provided by "examining" depending on the roll(anything you could glean more info on, monster knowledge or noticing weaknesses) it would reveal varying levels of information. As it stands we can see too much information for free. (Mostly referring to enemies here)

-AI should be changed for enemies that are less intelligent unless they are being led by a more intelligent being. Goblins and various more simple creatures tend to know how to strategize perfectly.

-It goes without saying but I really am praying we get alot more subclasses! I want to play a Wildfire Druid!

-Resting needs more work. Shouldn't be able to magically pop in and out of dungeons at the press of a button. Also more short rests should be available, perhaps on a cooldown inbetween. Max of 2 or 3 per day?

-Wizards should not be able to learn majority of the cleric spells. (Which also ties into there being way to many scrolls in the world, they should feel substantially more rare than they currently are.)
-Additionally Wizards should need to take time to learn from a scroll. Just let us do more things within the camp like taking time to prepare spells and learning them.

-There should be a popup menu to let you cast spells at a higher level instead of congesting your bar with spells at all levels. (It will be hell when we start getting into the 4th level not to mention up to 9th later on)

-I'm a bit conflicted on this one but I think shove should be an action. Yet it seems to only work if you have a high strength or the creature doesn't notice you.

-Maybe when creeping up in CLOSE proximity to enemies a single stealth check is made to determine if the being can hear or notice you despite being behind them.
-I know it's been said but hide should not be a bonus action unless you are a rogue!

-One big issue that I feel is way too powerful is when you're playing separate characters that are not linked. I would position other characters for some encounters to ambush stealthily. The reason it is powerful is that when a fight breaks out the characters have FREE ROAM to move however they want and I can literally just sit on my turn until I have them setup perfectly. The solution to this is that the entire party should be forced into a turn based mode within a bigger combat vicinity to better represent the stretched out seconds in combat. Since combat sequences in DnD are stretched where one turn is 6 seconds. Maybe have a sound queue or just able to hear attacks and actions being made as you get closer to indicate when separate party members are nearing the combat radius to force turn based mode.

-After combat your camera should automatically snap to your main character.

-The UI for party members need to be placed better(especially when you have temporary allies playing in a 4man multiplayer session) The icons congest and actually block your attack actions.

That's all I can think of currently, thanks for the read, hope it makes the list!