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Good morning/evening/whatever time of the day it is to you fine folks.

Immediately at the start of BG1, your PC has a purpose. He’s Gorion’s Ward.

Either way, thank you for your time. Happy playing!

Hi, and I wanted to include your courteous salutations, as I do appreciate them.

I snipped most of your post to concentrate on the most relevant part, and perhaps this is an essential disagreement or difference of style between us.

I intensely dislike pre-rolled characters and/or motivations required by the DM (person or computer). I play the game because I the player want to and hence it is both my responsibility and my privilege to explore/create my character's motivations.

I rather disliked the "chosen by the diety" motivation in past Larian games, purely for that reason.

In BG3, I really like having "holy crap I've been captured and I have to figure it out/escape" as a starting motivation to explore the world. And of course the generic "if I am playing the hero role, then defeating the opponent/bag guy comes with that"

All that being said, I can see clear differences between the PC's and generic townfolk; we run "to danger" they run away (they are not idiots after all, which can be another synonym for hero).